Tuesday, January 14

Running 101

And so it begins.. Officially...
This week starts the real training for my half marathon! Some days i'm really excited about going for a run and other day's i'm not at all. I use an app called MapMyRun to help me know how far i've gone and how fast i'm moving! It also save's all your previous runs so you can see your progress!

 I am going to try and do long runs like 8-11 miles, twice a week. The rest of the week I will run 4-6 miles as often as I can. With my work schedule there are literally some days I will not have time!
I can't lie though! Thanks to lululemon and my hobo gloves, running in the winter isn't all that bad! :)

Always remember, 
"Before you decide whether you are going to workout or not put on your workout clothes."
This helps me so much! Three things I have to do before I decide to workout or not.
1. brush my teeth
2. put in my contacts
3. put on my workout clothes including my shoes
Next time you are having that battle inside your own head, try getting completely ready to workout and then make your final decision! 


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  1. eek i dont know if i could ever run a half marathon! which one are you running?