Thursday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! 
I'm being super lame and not dressing up this year! Oh well!
So this morning I got up before work and went for a run (okay I didn't have to be to work till 11.. But still!!) andddd I must say I'm extremely grateful for my lululemon winter workout pants! Honestly I felt rediculous spending one hundred dollars on workout pants but this morning they paid off! This is going to become a problem! I can feel it! I already know I want a matching winter workout top, hoody, gloves, socks, and ear warmer! Of course I can justify all these thing cause it's cold outside! Haha my poor husband!
Anyway I've been enjoying my runs, it's helping me get to know the neighborhood better! And I must say I'm falling in love! It's so adorable! 
I don't know if any of you have ever heard of the app "Mapmyrun" but it's awesome and you all should download it! This app keeps track of all the runs you've ever done! It tells you every time you reach a mile marker! You can share your routes and look at other routes people have done! I love it! It makes me feel more accomplished knowing how far I've run! 

Tuesday, October 29


Todays Workout:

First get warm and stretch

 High knees in place- 75

 Jumping Jacks- 50

 Squats- 20

 Squat Jumps- 10

Alternating lunges- 15 each leg

 Upper and Lower Sit Ups- 15

 Burpees with jump- 15

Push- Ups- 20

 Mountain Climbers- 50

 Crunches- 30

Plank Hold- 60 seconds 

Repeat 3X 

Happy Tuesday! 

Friday, October 25

blunt. bob.

Here it is

im in love.

Tonight were getting together with the Kimbal brothers and there wives! Its gonna be fun! Were making breakfast for dinner and since Im eating clean Im bringing over my own waffle recipe! Im coping my cute friend Sarah and her recipe found on here blog The Fit and Simple Life
Good stuff! 
Here it is: 

In a blender mix:
1/2 cup oats
2Tbs Greek yogurt
2Tbs almond milk
5 egg whites
1 tsp vanilla or almond extract
Sprinkles of cinnamon
1/2 mashed banana (optional) scoop of protein powder (optional)

I didn't workout yesterday cause I literally had no time! 
Ya ya ya.. I could have got up early before work. But to be honest I will never be able to do that! Im not a morning person! 
But its friday and my day off today, so that means no excuses! 

Todays workout:
Run 30 min
Roughly 3ish+ miles! 
Here we go! 

One reason Salt Lake is more fun. 
Big old trees. 

Wednesday, October 23


Im sore! Very sore!! So today Im going to focus on Abs! 



Cutting my hair today. Pictures will come soon! 
Happy hump day! 

Tuesday, October 22

Its happening.

So for my wedding this summer I put in hair extensions! Yes I loved them! But were they nice to my hair? Not exactly! So tomorrow I'm cutting my hair off. Right now its a little bit past my collar bone but its extremely thin and damaged! So Im cutting it right past my chin! 

The so cute new and trendy cut, The Blunt Bob! Ekkk Im scared! 


Monday, October 21


Chase and I choose to do a small, inexpensive, travel free, stress free honeymoon! So, because we did that we promised each other we would do something more extravagant in a year! 
We happened to stumble upon an amazing trip opportunity that will be extremely affordable! Although its going to happen much sooner than we expected were going to do it! And I couldn't be more excited! 
So this of course means its time to get bikini ready for the holidays?? Oh boy this is going to be tough! 

Heres todays work out:

  1.  High knees in place- 75 
  2.  Jumping Jacks- 50 
  3.  Squats- 20
  4.  Squat Jumps- 10 
  5.  Alternating lunges- 15 each leg 
  6.  Upper and Lower Sit Ups- 15 
  7.  Burpees- 15 
  8.  Push- Ups- 20 
  9.  Mountain Climbers- 30 
  10.  Crunches- 50 
  11.  Plank Hold- 60 seconds 
Repeat 3x

Yes I work out in my living room, or I run outside! I don't ever use weights or go to a gym! I hate gyms! 
This is how I look right now. I have been very sporadic with my diet and workouts lately! The plan to get into shape before our trip is to be consistent with workouts, and eating! No sugar or breads! Time to trim and tone! I want to keep a photo diary, So here we go!