Thursday, August 28


Among all the other craziness this summer, we found the time to slowly continue on our remodel. And I mean slowly! Half of one bathroom is complete! Getting to see somewhat of a finishing product really starts to make me excited and a bit more anxious! (pictures coming soon!) I love our house, even with its 70's vibe and empty rooms. It is still so unique and has so much personality! I really can't wait to start decorating! Such a fun way to express your inner creativity! The style we are going for lies somewhere in between modern and traditional called "transitional." I find inspiration all around me and try to think outside the box! I love the idea of your major pieces being timeless neutrals and then adding pops of color or patterns in a throw or chair! We really need to hurry up and finish our remodel! Im so ready to decorate! :)


Sunday, August 24


How is July and nearly August over?? This summer has gone by way to fast! 
My life has literally been so crazy lately that I haven't had the time or energy to blog. I keep telling Chase how much I miss our more monotonous life style! lol. I'm crossing my fingers that life will start to mellow out.
Although things have been crazy, things have been good too! There has been a lot of change this summer but also a lot of learning. Mostly learning to embrace change. I truly believe that all the things we go through in life only make us stronger people in the end. With that said, Im grateful for all the craziness!
My little brother left to serve his LDS mission just a few days ago. As proud and excited as I am for him, I admit I am going to miss him like crazy!! Although I know he's only gone for two years it's still so hard to say goodbye. Cam is one of my best friends and it will be tough not to talk to him whenever I need too! Every week I will look forward to reading his emails! What an amazing thing for an eighteen year old boy to do! He will do soo good!! :) 
In the last few weeks, our family spent as much time together as we possibly could! Everyone was trying to soak in as much "Cam" time as possible! We enjoyed lots of time at the lake and many family dinners. I have to say, my circle of family and friends is the best!!