Saturday, March 22

Something new. Window Wants.

Anytime I have any kind of event or trip coming up, I cant help but want to shop! Can you really blame me for wanting to feel cute on vacation? I don't think so! In April my husbands work is sending him to a training in San Francisco for a week. And, duh, of course Im going! It's not always easy to go on vacation with his schedule, so any chance we get, we go. Since Chase will be in class during the day we have decided to invite my Grandma G to tag along. I will need someone to hang out with during the day so why not my ninety year old grandma! Yes, ninety, going on fifty. She's still going like a champ! She absolutely an amazing women and I look up to her in so many ways. In the last couple years its become very important to me to take advantage of the people in my life that I love while they are still around. Aka the reason we decided to invite her! It will be a fun adventure and great memories will be made! So I'm excited! 

Anyway, Back to shopping, since thats what this post is really about! The purpose of my blog is to share and document the things from my life that I love! A major part of my life is focused on personal style. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone since fashion goes hand in hand with hair styling. At first I was afraid to bring this up and thought it would be to cliche! But this is my blog and this is what I want to share! Now since I don't have hundreds of dollars left over every month to spend on anything and everything I want, I have become accustom to window shopping! Like any other girl I love to shop! And just because Im not made of money and able to buy everything, doesn't mean I can't dream right? 
Since I do so much window shopping online, I would like to share the items I have found and love in my own personal style post. Which is where Window Wants come in! So here we are my first official post of Window Wants! Enjoy. 

Window Wants
  1. looking at ones wants and desires (via the internet) without the intention of making a purchase.



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I love the fashion right now, all the fun sleeve's and long pencil skirts. Im looking forward to bright colors and intense pattern's for summer. Oh boy, I am so ready for skirts, sandals, and summer! Hurry up summer, hurry up!!


Tuesday, March 18

The Race.

This last weekend was the Moab Half Marathon. Im glad I set the goal I did and Im glad I accomplished it. I didn't really do any running the last two weeks before the race which definitely made the race much harder than it needed to be! We were so busy with closing, moving, getting a puppy, and getting settled that I never took the time to find anywhere to go running in our new area. On top of my lack of training the weather the day of the race wasn't ideal! Never having done any kind of race before I really had no idea what to expect. They bussed us up to the start line two hours before the race began and we sat in the shade in forty degree weather with a wind chill for about an hour and forty-five minutes. Thank goodness for the long sleeve t-shirt I threw on last minute but my legs froze cause all I had on were shorts! Pretty much the entire time we waited I shivered uncontrollable! Having stiff, frozen, and somewhat cramped legs at the begging of any run is possible the worst thing ever! I felt fatigue and pain in my knees and hips much earlier than I normally do from all the shivering! I think if I could have stayed warmer from the begging of the race I would have done much better. My finishing time was 2:11:50. Pretty good! Its tempting to want to do the same half marathon again and better my time but Im not sure if I will. Never say never though! Right! All in all it was a good experience and I had fun! Im glad I can check half marathon off my bucket list and I'm glad I can say I did it! 

Friday, March 14

Puppy Love.

We have been so busy the last couple weeks! Closing on our house, moving, getting situated and now getting a brand new puppy! I feel like I haven't even had a minute to think about blogging! And my half marathon is this weekend too, which has only added to the craziness. I haven't even ran more than five miles in the last two weeks! Hopefully I will still do ok! The plan when we get back from our weekend getaway is to get our lives back on track and my blog back on track as well! 
Anyway, I want to introduce our adorable new little addition. Her name is Locks. She is a miniature goldendoodle, bread from a miniature goldendoodle and a miniature poodle. So she's not a pure bread goldendoodle because she's only one quarter golden retriever and three quarters miniature poodle. But because her mom and dad were both miniature she will only get to be around twelve pounds. She's lots of fun and we really love her! 

Tuesday, March 4

Moving Day!

So yesterday we bought a house! nbd. It so unreal to me to think that Chase and I own a home! We own a home!! Crazy! Today we are moving everything in, setting up our bed, and actually sleeping there! Today honestly never felt like it was going to come. Im really excited! We bought a 1966 house that is definitely adorable and just needs a little updating and remodeling to be nothing short of amazing! 

This is our cute house! Ahh.. I love it! 

I have so many plans and idea's of how to turn this little grandma bungalow into a fabulously modern living space! To bad I don't have millions, I would be a fabulous millionaire. I will for sure be sharing before and afters once we start ripping things out and remodeling, so stay tuned cause thing's are about to get real exciting around here! :)