Tuesday, November 25

Fur babies.

"A dog is the only thing
 on earth that loves you 
more than he loves himself"

Look at those faces.. What's not to love!

Thursday, November 20

Afternoon Date

Chase and I haven't been married long, but we have already learned that although we are married we still need to continue to date! We try to find different things to do together that as individuals we enjoy! Chase loves anything with a motor! So of course for Chase's choice on date night, we went go carting at Miller Motorsports Park. If you have never done this before, you need to! It is so fun!! I think both of us would prefer not to go when it's 36 degree's outside but we just had to get one last carting adventure in before winter!  And it was fun! We absolutely will be doing this again in the spring! Check it out! 


Monday, November 10

Holiday Survival Style

I love this time of year! The holiday season really is my favorite! Anddd.. there is no better way to be festive then with a new holiday outfit! Red, Green, and Plaid.. thats all you need! 

Window Wants
  1. looking at ones wants and desires (via the internet) with or without the intention of making a purchase. 

Friday, November 7

Remodel Update.

Remodel Update!!! YAY!! Finally! Now, we are not completely done with our bathroom or our bedroom.. but we are getting somewhere. Far enough that I though I could share!! In my opinion the transformation is amazing and it is only going to get better! 

Our bathroom is bigger, lighter and more beautiful than ever! I love it! 

The shower was a project.. but well worth it! Before the shower had a dropped ceiling and was roughly three feet by three feet. We opened the shower up and probably tripled the size!  

Amazzzzing! :)

I forgot to take before picture's of our bedroom, so the one's posted below are from when the house was listed. That is why the proportions look so different! I promise it's the same house! ;)
The walls before were a yucky green wallpaper. We removed the wallpaper and painted the wall's the most beautiful grey color called Agreeable Gray from Sherwin Williams. The picture's don't do the before's or after's of the wall color justice! (bare with me, I'm using my iphone). We removed all the dark wood trim around and above the doors. We then replaced the trim with a thicker white trim. We also framed out our window, which add's a lot to the window! We are still planning to do crown molding and baseboards, painting the doors, and getting new carpet. 



Slowly but surely we are making changes! Even though it has taken us a while to get this far, and we still have a way to go, the whole process has been exciting! I love to see how much we have changed our space and made it into our own! So much more fun to come! :)