Friday, February 28

Time to freshen up with a cleanse.

The last couple weeks I have been a little emotionally unstable, and defiantly stressed! I can always tell when I'm stressed. I breakout everywhere, I crave crappy food (and give in), and I don't  get my workouts in! Being stressed the last couple weeks hasn't come as a surprise to me since this weekend were moving. Although I am excited were buying a house, and I love the house, I cant help but feel anxious and a little sad at what were leaving behind! 
The older I get the more I realize i'm a hermit! I don't like change! Its hard for me! I like feeling settled and comfortable. It's difficult to be uprooted and start over, especially with a new town and new people! We really are not even moving that far but it's still new, and for me it's been overwhelming! 
But since I can't change the fact that its happening, I need to just control what I can control, and thats myself! So its time to get back in order! Im going to start off with a three day cleanse! I need to get rid of all the yucky toxin's I have been putting into my body! 
When I do a cleanse I don't really follow any specific cleanse, cause to me there all the same. So pretty much all I do is drink liquid's; like lemon water, or tea, make juices in my Vitamix, eat raw nuts and fruits and veggies. I don't like to starve myself. Thats not good for your body ever! Pretty much I eat and drink as much as I want as long as i'm only consuming things that fall into the category of raw. Another yummy thing I always buy are Suja juice's. I like to drink their master cleanselemon lovegreen supreme, and glow. They have lots of good nutrients and its easy! 
So heres to a weekend of mostly liquids! :) 

Heres some juice recipes I found on this cute blog a little dash of darling. Im not planning to follow this exactly cause like I said I just wing it, But this is a good idea of what I plan on whipping up in my Vitamix. 


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