Monday, May 4

Remdel Update. Living Room.

We have lived in our house for a little over a year now! Which means we have been living in a construction zone for a little over a year! Chase and I both are ready for the finished product and a break! The entire top floor is nearly finished! We still have to completing the kitchen, carpet the bedrooms, and little minor details but I can actually say the top floor is nearly finished! That is a good feeling!!
Ripping out the pink carpet has been a dream of mine since the day we moved in! It wont be missed! I didn't even realize how yellow the walls were until we started painting but painting everything white really brightened the entire room! Keeping everything really simple in this room is my goal. I want the focal point's to be the window and fireplace! It really looks so beautiful! I can't wait to decorate! 
There is no better feeling then seeing your hard work pay off in a before and after picture! I have my husband to thank for that! Next the Kitchen! It's going to be a huge transformation! Stay tuned for before's and after's! 
{Before} Pink carpet, yellow walls, dark brown trim and moldings. 
{After} Soft white walls, brilliant white trim and molding(coming soon), dark hardwood floor. Now I just need all new furniture, rugs, drapes... the list goes on! ;)
Thanks for all the hard work hubby! 


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