Friday, February 1

Beauty Product Obsession

So I have a problem....... I LOVE beauty products! I am a true believer!! 
All this mumbo-jumbo on Pinterest about going all natural with your products is dumb! Yes I believe some of them really do work, and I actually use some organic kitchen supply's in my daily primping but there are just way to many amazing beauty products out there to not be obsessed! 
So I wanted to show you guys a few things that I truly believe work and make a difference in the way my skin and hair look and feel! 

Number One:
I got my first ever facial the other day...... OK im totally obsessed! Not good fot my wallet but definitely good for my skin. I got what was called a microderm facial, which is where they remove the uppermost layer of dead skin cells. This can help with acne, acne scars, wrinkles, and cellular turn over. My skin feels so much softer and clearer after having this done! 
I decided I am going to get one ever two months from now on. Its worth paying the money to have great skin and be less wrinkly when im older!
I go to a med spa called Beauty Addix! It is a really awesome place!

Number Two:
Clarisonic! This tool is like getting a mini facial every morning or night! It cleans your skin so well. I really feel like it is able to get more dirt out of your pors and helps so much with cellular turn over! If you dont already have one, get one! 

Number Three:
I have been trying out a few new face washes lately cause I felt like the ones I had were to harsh on my skin. I always would get that burning, itching, redness after i used them so i wanted something possibly all natural and gental but very cleansing! I finally found one that i really like! Its called "Yes too." 
I like the carrot one cause its moisturizing and smells yummy! This brand really is great. 
I would give it a go. 

Number Four:
Retin-A! Now this stuff is prescribed by a dermatologist but it works wonders on acne! Definitely worth making the appointment for it!  

Number Five:
Im obsessed with lashes and eye brows! Thats why LiLash and LiBrow are and absolute must for me! Why wouldn't you want long beautiful lashes and full brows?? 
This product is over the counter unlike Latisse which makes it easy to get. You can buy it here from me at my salon! 

Number Six:
Arcona is a great skin care line that I found at Nordstroms. Right now I am using the Eye Dew and Raspberry clarifying pads. 
The Eye Dew is to help keep my skin moist and tight around my eyes to prevent wrinkles. I love this product! You can literally feel it working. 
The Raspberry clarifying pads are a tonner that help prevent breakouts. They also smell amazing! 

Number Seven:
Moisturizers! We all know that the best way to prevent wrinkles is to keep your skin as moist as possible. 
I have used Olay lotions my entire life and have always loved them! But after getting my facial I decided to try something new for my nightly moisturizer. 
Its called Bio-Cream by Neocutis. I've only been using it for a few night but so far i'm loving it! Its extremely thick and heavy but I haven't felt at all greasy or oily from it! I wouldn't use this one under my makeup but at night its great! 
Like i said earlier, sometimes i use kitchen supply's as beauty products. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Yup, i've jumped on the bandwagon with this one too! I really enjoy using coconut oil as a nightly moisturizer. Believe me it works, and its actually good for your skin! Google it if you dont believe me. 


Onto Hair products! I dont have as many different products for hair because there is only one brand I will ever use or ever need ever again! KERASTASE! 

Number One:
Kerastase's Chroma Riche! This is my daily shampoo and conditioner! I am a little bit tired of reading about "no poo" or "wen" or this idea on not washing your hair ever. Im a hair dresser and i agree that it is not good to wash your hair everyday, but not ever! The natural oils in the hair are indeed very good for the hair and scalp, but hair product build up and dirt are not good for the hair or scalp! And definitely not sanitary! Talk about smelly!! EW! Washing your hair every few days or once a week with the RIGHT products is good for the hair! 
Kerastase has found the perfect balance of everything your hair needs! Try this brand one time and I guarantee you'll be hooked! Since i started using this product I have less breakage, my hair is softer, shiner, and healthier! And its actually getting longer! I dont naturally have long thick amazing hair either, I have super fine thin hair that needs all the lovin it can get. Especially after all the bleach and color i put it through in hair school! 
If you ever want to try it, let me know! We sell it at my salon as well! Lunatic Fringe on 11th

Number Two: 
Styling products! I use mostly Kerestase and Bumble and Bumble. Sometimes I mix in a few other things like Moroccan products. 
For healthy hair you need to feed your hair the right nutrients and protection from heat! 
I wont blab on about how amazing these product brands are cause I already did but they are definitely worth giving a try! 
Another funny thing that I like to use from the kitchen is Corn Starch. I use it as a dry shampoo! It works like magic to soak up all the oils and make my hair not look greasy. 

Number Three:
 If you are like most women these days and color your hair ever 6 to 8 weeks then you should also be doing Deep Conditioning Treatments every so often also! I am in love with hair treatments! Getting a deep conditioning treatment every time you go into see your hair dresser can make a drastic difference in the integrity of your hair! 
My first and most favorite treatment is of course by Kerastase! Its called Chronologist. Its extremely nourishing for the hair and scalp. Words can not describe how amazing this treatment makes your hair feel. You have to just try it! 
My second favorite is by Dikson. Its called Structure Fort. 
This treatment is for you blondies, and ladies that like to go from blonde to brunette to blonde and have way damaged hair. Its packed full of protein and other minerals. It focus's directly on the damaged parts of your hair and reconstructing split ends! 
Last but not least Kerastase Fusio Dose treatments. There are four different ones to chose from depending on what your hair needs. These are wonderful and very conditioning! 

Number Four:
I know you have all heard of this one! Biotin! Everyone always asks "does it actually work?" Well I say yes! I think its something you have to take consistently for it to work but I do believe it actually works. For the last couple months I have been taking it everyday twice a day and I have had so many people say "your hair looks like its getting so long." Oh man I just LOVE to hear that! 

Do you think i have enough products?? I told you I was obsessed! Anyway, i hope you guys try some of these out! They are all really great! 


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