Tuesday, January 22

Vitamix lovin

I am so bad at this blogging thing! I always think of like a million things to blog about and then i never actually sit down and do it. I guess im a busy butt, or maybe its that i think of good ideas when im in the shower or falling asleep in bed. Those are very inconvenient times to blog. 

Anyway, I wanted to share my newest obsession! Vitamix! Yes I have joined the juicer world and oh boy do I love it! I was inspired by this documentary called Hungry for Change that I watched on netflix! This video will change the way you think about what your putting in your body and on your skin! It did for me! I immediately went to Whole Foods and bought a bunch of fruits and vegetables and new skin products and the next day I went out and bought my vitamix! 

The Vitamix!
This blender is truly amazing! It saves me so much time in the mornings and im getting so much more nutrients with this then i ever have! I literally throw in whatever fruits and veggies i have laying around the house, turn it on, and bam its done! If you have never checked this out i highly suggest it! Even if you don't go all out like i did and buy a vitamix, I think everyone needs a good blender that can puree fruits and veggies! Its an easy and tasty way to get down allot of vegetables! i dunno about you but i dont like to just eat vegetables plain that much!  
I haven't really ever looked up any specific recipes because I literally always just throw in a bunch of fruits and veggies but you can go online and find all sorts of yummy green smoothies! 


Green Smoothie

This simple Green Smoothie is a great way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. I promise it is delicious and nutritious!


1 large orange, peeled and segmented
1/2 of a large banana, cut into chunks
6 large strawberries
2 cups spinach
1/3 cup plain Greek yogurt (I use Chobani 0%)
1 cup ice

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