Tuesday, February 18

run run as fast as you can.

Four more weeks till the race! Im getting excited! Not only can't I wait to get to Moab for a mini vacation and some free time with my hubs, but I am so ready to complete this goal! I love to run, I really do! It's become my time to clear my head and really digest and think about all the crazy going on! My mind feels clean and free after a good run but my body, Well my body doesn't feel that great!
Up until I was 19 years old I had been a highly competitive athlete in the sport gymnastics. Not only was gymnastics hard on my entire body, it was specifically hard on my knees! I have had two ACL reconstructive surgeries on my left knee. Although my left knee will never be the same, on a day to day base's it doesn't usually give me to much trouble! But since I have been training for this half marathon I have noticed pain not only in both my knees but my hips as well! I plan to finish out my goal strong! But after my goal is complete I am going to take a break from long distance running and focus more on strength training!
I love running! But I also love to simply just workout!

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