Thursday, December 13

Life is Oh so Precious!

I had an extremely humbling and touching day at work the other day. One of the reasons I love my job so much is because of the many amazing and unique people I get to meet!
One of my co-workers, guests, daughter came in to get a hair cut from me! Her name is claire. She is 16 years old and in remission from having leukemia! She just recently got her hair back after undergoing kemo! This Saturday she was going to her first high school dance!
This was honestly a very touching hair cut to do! This young girl and her mom were so excited! You know how excited a mom gets when their child gets their first hair cut? Well that's how it was! Taking pictures, smiles, lots of happy energy! It was amazing!
Life is so short! It can honestly be taken from us in any instance and we all need to be more great full for just being able to live freely with good health!
I am guilty of taking advantage of my good health and my wonderful life! Meeting Clair and hearing her story was amazing and helped me remember that the smallest things matter the most in life and that I need to be more great for them!
Thank you Clair for touching my life today:)

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