Tuesday, April 29

Deep Conditioning for your Hairs!

The salon I work at, Lunatic Fringe recently did a special on deep conditioning treatments. Since I love treatments so much I thought I would share! 
A treatment is basically a super intense and extremely dense conditioner. Treatments are meant to focus on one area of the hair to help correct and repair what the hair is lacking. Usually the different areas to focus on are moisture, protein, damage/breakage, shine, and color protection. At my salon we use a few different brands of treatments and my favorites are Kerestase and Dixon!
I can not even begin to explain how amazing the brand Kerestase is! Kerastase has found the perfect balance of everything your hair needs in any given product they make! Not only do they have amazing treatments but they have the absolute best products too! Try this brand one time and I guarantee you'll be hooked! Since I started using this brand of product I have less breakage, my hair is softer, shiner, and healthier! And I cant get it to stop growing, which really isn't a bad problem to have!

Kerestase offer's five different treatments for five completely different things! 

The first four are called Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatments. These four instant fiber transformation treatments are used in the sustaining of Color Protect, Age Recharge, Moisture, or Protein. They work instantaneous and stay in the hair for up to eight washes. 

The Fifth and most amazing conditioning treatment Kerestase has ever released is called the Chronologist. The benefits from using this treatment are unexplainable. Your hair is left incredibly soft, supple and shiny. Hair fibers are deeply nourished, strengthened, and the integrity of your hair is preserved. Your scalp is left feeling hydrated and soothed. 

Last but not least is the most wonderful Protein treatment that our color line Dikson carries. Its called the Structure Fort. This treatment is for you blonde's and ladies that have damaged hair. Its packed full of protein and other minerals. It focus's directly on the damaged parts of your hair by reconstructing split ends and fills in any cracks to help from creating further breakage.


I offer all of these treatments at my salon and would love for everyone to try them! Contact me if your interested and mention this post and we'll take ten dollars off your service! 



  1. How much do you charge for a conditioning treatment?

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  3. What do you charge for a conditioning treatment?