Tuesday, March 4

Moving Day!

So yesterday we bought a house! nbd. It so unreal to me to think that Chase and I own a home! We own a home!! Crazy! Today we are moving everything in, setting up our bed, and actually sleeping there! Today honestly never felt like it was going to come. Im really excited! We bought a 1966 house that is definitely adorable and just needs a little updating and remodeling to be nothing short of amazing! 

This is our cute house! Ahh.. I love it! 

I have so many plans and idea's of how to turn this little grandma bungalow into a fabulously modern living space! To bad I don't have millions, I would be a fabulous millionaire. I will for sure be sharing before and afters once we start ripping things out and remodeling, so stay tuned cause thing's are about to get real exciting around here! :)



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