Thursday, April 24

The Bathrooms

Our cute grandma house really needs a face lift and we've decided to start in the bathrooms! Remodeling consist of making countless decisions and spending a lot of money all based on an idea you have in your head, and just praying it works out! You really have to know what your final vision is for your entire home before you even start. There are so many different styles and items to choose from these days! Which makes it fun and overwhelming all at the same time.
When you look at a picture of a room, you pinpoint all the beautiful things you like. Then when you start breaking down all the items that actually go into one area or room, it becomes overwhelming! The amount of detail that can go into such a small space like a bathroom is amazing! You don't even realize this until you start actually picking it apart and then putting it back together. But all in all its really fun to look at something old and recreate it into something new and beautiful! I cant wait for the end result! 

Here's some photos of our bathrooms now and my inspiration of whats to come. We are mostly focused on the shower and tub area right now! Cant wait to post after photos! 

Clearly we've begun! Above the tub were doing Herringbone with subway tile like the picture below. On the floor we are doing mat grey octagon tile like the picture below. That funny cabinet on the wall is going to become just a plain wall. Painting the sink's cabinets white (maybe) and doing a white and grey marble counter top. Painting the walls light grey. All gold everything when it comes to faucets and hardware. Light fixture's and mirror ideas to come. I haven't got that far! 


This bathroom is the master bath, and its going to take a lot more work! First, the carpet! Eww.. its got to go. Were doing itty bitty white octagon tile's with black grout on the floor all the way into the shower. (picture bellow) We are extending the shower along the entire wall to make it bigger, and doing an all glass wall with a door to make the room look bigger. Were tiling the shower with white subway tile like in the pictures below. We will paint the sink's cabinet's black or white (haven't decided) and also do white and grey marble countertops! All gold faucets and hardware too. Most likely grey or white walls. Eventually we will get around to getting or painting all the door, replacing the base boards and adding crown molding! Details, Details! 

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