Friday, November 8

Happy November!

I can't believe its already November! It seems like time fly's by the older you get!
But I just love Fall and the Holidays! I think its probably the funnest time of the year. Lots of activities, good food, and such a happy spirit in the air! 

So the last couple days of october was really rough, To many treats around and I had a hard time finding time to workout! And then the first week of November I was so busy with work I struggled to find the time to workout! And on top of that I got sick. But really these are just excuses!

Isn't that the truth!

The total number of days I workout in november was only twelve! (eeekkkk so bad) But keeping a calendar on my mirror and really tracking the days helped so much! I would definitely suggest trying it. October must be better:)

The Husband and I have decided to go down the path of "Insanity." Im excited about this! A few summers ago I did these workout tapes and absolutely loved them!
They are very challenging and I find that to be motivating!
They are also my kind of workout; Fast pass, high cardio, get in and get it done, no messing around!
Im also sooo excited that Chase is going to do them with me!
And the best thing is that they work! You really will see results! As long as you are eating healthy and doing the videos consistently! I was amazed at how my body transformed the last time I did them!
I will probably try and still mix in running and some other things while we do these videos, just to keep things interesting! Ya have to keep things interesting while working out or you'll just get bored!
 Anyway, heres a little insanity preview to get you motivated.
And some photos of life as of lately!


Oh ya and my best friend got engaged! Yay Cara! 

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