Thursday, May 15

Arms + Inner Thigh Workout

Today I did three ten minute workouts. Starting with my warm up, moving to my inner thighs and finishing with arms. 
I love the warm up from my Insanity workout. It gets you feeling warm and in the mood to workout because its so fast pace and intense. I literally go from not wanting to move to feeling pumped and ready to working out for an hour! Turn on some fun, loud, fast pace music to get you moving during this warm up! 
Warm up
  1. Jog (in place)
  2. Jumping Jacks 
  3. Heisman
  4. 123 Heisman (same as number three only with three small steps in between)  
  5. Butt Kicks (in place)
  6. High Knees (in place)
  7. Mummy Kicks 
Each move is done for 30 seconds and the whole set is repeated 3 times. (Download an interval timing app, I have this one.) 
Each set you move faster and faster. First set is slow to get your body and muscles moving. Second set is medium speed, your body and muscles should start to feel warm. Last set is as fast as you can go, you should begin to sweat! 
Inner Thigh Workout 
  1. Under the fence 
  2. Scissor Jack 
  3. Gate Swing 
  4. Wide Sumo Squat hop
  5. Lateral Lunges 
  6. Plank Jack 
  7. Windshield Wipper 
  8. Palm Press
  9. Frog Press
  10. Palm Press 
  11. Scissor
  12. Palm Press 
  13. Narrow Bridge 
Here's the VIDEO of all these moves. I found that while doing most all of these moves, my inner thighs would burn the most if I got down really low during the squats. 

Arm workout 
  1. Need 5 and 3 pound dumb bells 
  2. Arm curls- tones biceps and helps with posture 
  3. Triceps extentions 
  4. French Press 
This is the same arm VIDEO I posted a few days ago but I love it! 

My hair transformation pictures to come! 

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