Tuesday, May 27

Memorial Day Weekend.

Memorial Day weekend was so nice! We had lots of fun and got a lot accomplished! We had a relaxing BBQ with family on sunday and then monday we got things done! Chase never works Saturday and I work most every Saturday, so finding time to accomplish things together almost never happens! We talk about what we want to do but we never really get around to it since we never have the time together! This made having Monday off together really nice and really productive! 
We gutted the master bedroom and got it ready for paint, moldings and carpet! Im ready to complete one area! I think Chase and I both are ready to have the satisfaction of one area of the house being complete! Were getting a little tired of having wholes in the walls! About a fourth of our house is completely torn to pieces, some of it's down to the frame! We've got all the tile and paint picked out and we're just about ready to start putting it all back together! Im so excited!

This meal thoughhhh!!! :)
Bad quality iphone photos with bad lighting! sorry!  


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