Tuesday, May 6

Window Wants + Workout

Swim suit season here we come! 
Wildfox is killing it with their suits this year! I love way to many! And the new trend is this Triangl brand! It's pretty saucy and I like it! I love love that one pieces are in! And there are so many cute one's to choose from!
Were going on a Caribbean cruise this summer and like always I want to feel and look my best! So i've literally been working out every day but sunday! Im starting to feel amazing, and hopefully looking amazing will follow! So not only is this post all about swim suits but also about get fit and feeling great! Bellow is a really awesome arm workout for us ladies! I did it last week and I was so sore the next day! Eat clean and train mean, That my motto for the next two months! 

Window Wants
  1. looking at ones wants and desires (via the internet) without the intention of making a purchase. 

  • Swimsuit Edition

My girl rockin this suit on her blog

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Here's the link to the workout video 


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