Friday, October 25

blunt. bob.

Here it is

im in love.

Tonight were getting together with the Kimbal brothers and there wives! Its gonna be fun! Were making breakfast for dinner and since Im eating clean Im bringing over my own waffle recipe! Im coping my cute friend Sarah and her recipe found on here blog The Fit and Simple Life
Good stuff! 
Here it is: 

In a blender mix:
1/2 cup oats
2Tbs Greek yogurt
2Tbs almond milk
5 egg whites
1 tsp vanilla or almond extract
Sprinkles of cinnamon
1/2 mashed banana (optional) scoop of protein powder (optional)

I didn't workout yesterday cause I literally had no time! 
Ya ya ya.. I could have got up early before work. But to be honest I will never be able to do that! Im not a morning person! 
But its friday and my day off today, so that means no excuses! 

Todays workout:
Run 30 min
Roughly 3ish+ miles! 
Here we go! 

One reason Salt Lake is more fun. 
Big old trees. 

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